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  • Orient automatic dive watch : Highly Popular And Durable Orient Diver Watches
    There are not too many who can sufficiently enjoy an automatic timepiece and its classic appeal. Those who do, hold the Orient diver watches in high regards. What started in the ‘60s as a concept under the name of King Diver turned into a legend by 2003. The Orient professional diver watches – as the watch-nerd world knows it – easily sets an
  • Orient automatic dive watch : Extremely Reliable and Affordable Orient Automatic Diver Watches
    The Orient brand name is highly popular and known for extremely reliable and affordable Orient Automatic Diver watches. The watch is no longer simply a timekeeping device; Orient's automatic diver watches also serve as diving gear. Take for example the Orient Automatic 300M Professional Diver EL02002B Mens Watch. It is the perfect blend of sty
  • Orient automatic dive watch : Specifically Designed and Affordable Range of Orient Diver Watches
    Orient Watches are known for their functionality, reliability and good looks. An affordable range of Orient Diver watches is available in the Orient Mako Series which is perhaps the most popular in the market today. Although the Orient Mako is a classic diver's watch meant to be worn while in the water, it looks good on your wrist outside water too
  • Orient automatic dive watch : Elegance meets functionality in Orca – an Orient automatic diver’s watch for men
    Today we review the Orca – a different kind of Orient Mako Mens Watch from Orient of Japan. Although offered under the umbrella name of Diver’s automatic, this is not a professional diver’s watch. But it being water resistant up to depths of 100 meters (just over 300 feet), it would look great on the wrist of any skin diver or shallow wat